454 East Orange Street | Before & After

I genuinely thought I couldn't love a project more than James Street, until we started Orange Street. I have a feeling this is becoming a pattern. To be honest, when we first walked through this home, I did not have a ton of vision...due to the strong smell of cat pee I was actually having trouble focusing on Brent's tour (being a *little* dramatic here, but seriously it was bad).

The design challenges included:

-Square footage: Coming in at just over 1,000 square feet the house was already small, and the layout did not help.

-Layout: Separate rooms and a super narrow staircase that was completely enclosed and was actually in the kitchen.

-Low ceilings: It felt pretty claustrophobic from the moment you walked in. Not the wow factor you aim for when entering a home.

-Lack of natural light: A combination of all the above things and not many windows made this home feel dark and dingy.

-Second Floor Layout: This house had one bathroom, and in order to access it you had to go upstairs and walk through both bedrooms.

The list could go on, but my point is that this project felt pretty huge in my (35 week pregnant) mind. However, Brent was convinced it was going to be good, and after a few disagreements we went for it. When I walked in on the last day of demo to find that we had essentially gutted the whole thing I was less than thrilled...like how deep have we gotten ourselves in here? But I will be the first to admit that this home was so 100% worth every amount of energy poured into it. The design aspect came together perfectly and flows so well I still can't believe it. We got to work with some of the best contractors in Lancaster, and gained so many great connections for future homes. Best of all, a wonderful realtor found us the perfect owner for this house before it even hit the market! Worth it is an understatement. We are thankful for this home, and way it ended up as a stepping stone to doing even more of what we love!


Before & Afters are my favorite part of every design blog/show/social media profile. I love to see the old turned new, and appreciate the creative thought process behind designing these spaces. A few things we did to remedy the design challenges I mentioned above include:

-Exposing the first floor ceilings and painting the beams white. This raised the height of the space, and created a wow factor/more open and light feeling as soon as you walk in the door. 

-Knocking down walls, because what good fixer upper doesn't include some of that?

-Flipping the staircase (as I mentioned you originally entered from the kitchen) and opening it up with a delicate metal railing and built-in office space underneath. 

-Adding a back door in the kitchen that allowed more natural light into the space.

-Raising the master bedroom ceiling to the roofline. I LOVE THAT ROOM.

-Adding a second full bath so that each bedroom has a bathroom. 

Other details I love:

-Lots of texture. I've never been huge on shiplap but I felt like it worked so well on the living room wall and up the staircase! The ceilings, of course, added texture to the space, along with the exposed duct work, grasscloth wallpaper in the kitchen and handcrafted clay subway tile in both the kitchen and bath. Exposing the brick wall in the master bedroom was yet another opportunity for something different than drywall!

-Painted cabinets. The sage color is my new favorite, and everywhere I look I'm now drawn to it. When we first walked through this home the one redeeming quality I saw was the backyard. Honestly besides filling in a fish pond and power washing, not much had to be done- it was just that perfect. So I set my sights on "bringing the outside in," and that is how green entered the picture. I love the restful feel it brings to this home. 

-Concrete countertops. The white kitchen counters are actually concrete, for those who have asked! A friend of ours started a business working with a more high end product and the results are amazing.

-The trough sink. Again, concrete, but in a different form. I saw this sink at Terrain, and it was actually a garden sink- but immediately told Brent we NEEDED ONE. Thank you Tyler Martin for making it happen! 

-The light fixtures. Honestly my favorite part of the design process, and usually my biggest splurge.

-And we cannot forget to talk about the exterior! I chose an off-white tone to give the brick a softer feel, and compliment the soft green shutters (same color as the kitchen cabinets). The black windows and door were the perfect accent for the muted tones. Also, Brent built the curved shutters of my dreams. 


I could go on and on, boring you with every little detail of this home (in fact if you were at the open house I may have already done that). We poured our hearts into it and are so excited to see the new owner settle in here! Below are links to a few of the details I have mentioned about the home. We would highly recommend all the contractors we used, as well as the products and brands! If you have any other questions about details please don't hesitate to message us on Instagram or Facebook. We'd love to help you! 

And stay tuned for future projects, *coming soon!*


Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore (Purchased through Grauer's Paint & Decorating):

Cabinets & Shutters: CSP-760 Oil Cloth

Walls & Ceilings: Oc-152 Super White

Exterior Brick: Oc-17 White Dove

Trim & Window Frames: Hc-178 Charcoal Slate

Wallpaper: Wallquest

Thank you to:

Tyler Martin- Concrete Countertops & Design

TrueNorth Metalworks

Grauer's Paint & Decorating

Renovations by Dienner Co.


Hepplewhite Drive | Custom Home

At Brentwood Builders, we have the opportunity to build our designs around concepts presented by our customers, and also create custom models of our own. This home, located in Hepplelwhite Esates | York, PA, was just completed and is currently on the market!

Below are a few photos of our favorite features in the home:


Upon entering this 3,200 square foot home you walk into a spacious hallway with hardwood floors. The den to your left is showcased by two craftsman style french doors. The doors throughout the home are painted an accent color to make them pop.


The wall color throughout the home is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.


A large picture window allows light to pour into the spacious dining room. Craftsman style wainscoting wraps the lower half of the walls, creating a more formal feel.


The open kitchen features white painted cabinets that run to the ceiling, Slate appliances, subway tile backsplash and a unique black granite for the counters.


Custom nooks like this mudroom/organization station can be found throughout the home.


The living room area features a 17 foot ceiling and your eyes are immediately drawn to the brick fireplace accented with white shiplap.


Last but not least, another favorite room in the house is the master bath. Inspired by marble and slate, this spacious bathroom is filled with natural light and feels luxurious.

For more information on the details of this home, or to schedule a showing call the Brentwood Builders offices | 717-397-9350 or e-mail brent2bwb@gmail.com.

21 West James Street | Before & After

I want to begin this post by sharing a little background on our company! Brentwood Builders was founded in 1994 by Clair and Orpha Hostetter (my in-laws) based on the desire to build quality new homes and bring homeowners' design dreams to life.

Fast forward 20 years, and in 2014 Clair's son Brent (my husband) joined the Brentwood team. Coming from a background in remodel and renovations, Brent brought with him a passion for not only new construction but also for the character and potential that older homes offer. (And being married to Brent, I by default became a tag-along to all of his projects haha!)

Now in 2017 we are thrilled to combine these two passions and dreams with our first full-home renovation here in Lancaster City (where the Brentwood office is now located)! We appreciate all of the support surrounding this new business venture, and are excited for the future of this branch of Brentwood!


The key things that caught our attention when we saw the listing for 21 West James Street were:

-2,000 square feet (on the larger side for a city home)

-Central AC and gas heat already installed

-Location within walking distance to both College Row and downtown Lancaster

-A third floor with potential

When we actually walked through the home I felt a mixture of disgusted and in LOVE. The home definitely felt spacious compared to our 1,600 square foot city home, and the 9 foot high ceilings are amazing! Paired with the huge windows and lots of natural light I was already sold. Another feature I loved was the makeshift addition off the back of the house. This little room almost met it's demise when Brent kicked a wall and the whole thing shook, but I made the case for a four-seasons room just like all of the pictures I had pinned and thankfully it happened! Then there was the attic. My two favorite features of our city home are the finished attic, and our fireplace. Well this home had one of them, and Brent built the other! (Let's be real, I have Joanna Gaines and her latest Magnolia Magazine to thank for all the inspiration that went into this fireplace).

Just a few of the challenges:

-Complete bath and kitchen remodels

-Adding a second bath and laundry hook-ups in an area that did not initially have plumbing

-Every wall and ceiling was textured

-The backroom- literally falling apart

-Wrecked wood floors (but so much potential!)

-Low ceilings/claustrophobic attic


And then there is the completed project, aka. all our silver linings in a package deal! Those floors turned out to be BEAUTIFUL when restored! The texture magically went away (thankful for drywall), and that giant window in the kitchen was an unplanned addition that makes me want to move in. I have an old Pottery Barn magazine to thank for my trim-wall inspiration, and Anthropologie could take all my money in exchange for wallpaper. I was excited to keep the wood ceiling in the kitchen (see the transformation of above vs. below) and love the character it adds. Raising the drywall to the beams in the attic was definitely worth it for added space and light. Then of course keeping that back room, first floor laundry, and adding a second bath. The double sink vanity with soapstone look-alike bowls, painted tile, and kitchen light fixtures were just a few of my favorite finds while searching for the perfect accents.

I could rave about this house forever, but really you just need to see it for yourself! Call Brent Hostetter (717-715-9878) if you are interested in a tour, or e-mail brent@boldpa.com with any questions you have!

Hopefully I have given you a behind-the-scenes look into the transformation of this home, and also how much we enjoyed the process! We cannot wait to share many more creative projects with you!

-Katie Hostetter (just call me the "design assistant") :)


The Inspired Home | 5 Steps to Spring Style

Spring is officially here! And although there may still be a few piles of snow on the ground, let's ignore those for a second and talk about preparing our homes for the new season!

When all of your deep cleaning and organizing is complete, (after soaking my blinds in the bath tub and scrubbing all my baseboards I think I'm ready to move on), then spend some time focusing on the design aspect of your home. Here are few steps I take to re-inspire myself when it comes to creating a fresh look for the season:

1. Take a walk-through. Set aside a block of time, whatever you think you'll need, and tour your home room by room. I will literally stand in a room and just look around for a while, taking in each detail. What do you love? What do you keep to simply fill space? Are there things that you value but they don't quite fit with the style of the room? Are there things that are impractical (you constantly trip over, your toddler destroys, something too big or too small)? As you ask yourself these questions begin to move anything that falls into one of the categories and create a pile of these items.

Your entryway is the first thing guests will see. The perfect wow factor! (Photo by  Home Remedies )

Your entryway is the first thing guests will see. The perfect wow factor! (Photo by Home Remedies)


2. "De-Winterize." This applies to any season, but since we're talking about Spring- are there items in your home that are specific to winter? For me, the moment temperatures start to rise some things I pack away are my fur pillows and sweater blankets. They give me something to look forward to come Fall. I also get the urge to simplify and decorate with a more minimalistic style when the weather is warmer, so I tend to pack away extra knick-knacks or photo frames.

A mantle is the perfect place to showcase seasonal decor. (Photo by  House of Jade )

A mantle is the perfect place to showcase seasonal decor. (Photo by House of Jade)

3. Sort. Now that you've removed all the things that are either impractical, off-season, or you just don't love, sort that pile! Chances are you've probably got some things to drop off at Goodwill, some seasonal items to store away, and some things you really like- just not where you had them.

Replacing the shower curtain in your main bath is one inexpensive way to make a design statement. (Photo by  SF Girl by the Bay )

Replacing the shower curtain in your main bath is one inexpensive way to make a design statement. (Photo by SF Girl by the Bay)

4. Rearrange. One of the best things I've learned about keeping my home, and something I read in one of my all-time favorite design books The Nesting Place-

Re-use the things you have!

Before running out to HomeGoods or Marshalls for an impulse buy, look at that pile of things you do like. Figure out ways to reincorporate those items in other areas of your home. If you're like me, you may continually cycle things in and out of rooms in your house until you finally find the spot that sits right, or maybe you realize you never liked that thing to begin with.

Sometimes all it takes is switching out darker tones for neutrals and whites! (Photo by  House Updated )

Sometimes all it takes is switching out darker tones for neutrals and whites! (Photo by House Updated)

5. Make a List/Replenish. NOW that you have officially cleaned out, rearranged, and de-winterized- it's time to assess the situation. Where are the holes in your vision for a fresh, Spring home? What are some things you can add that help you to feel the new season? (I love adding a few new houseplants for spring and summer.) It's fun to treat yourself every once in a while, so whether it's new throw pillows or a new bathroom rug, this process will probably highlight at least one thing you "need."

You can never go wrong with fresh fruit or fresh flowers on your kitchen counters! (Photo by  The 36th Avenue )

You can never go wrong with fresh fruit or fresh flowers on your kitchen counters! (Photo by The 36th Avenue)

Design Tip: The things I love the most in my home, the things that I move from room to room but never part with, are the things I have either been given or the things I have searched for.

The impulse buys at discount stores are always fun, and trust me I love HomeGoods as much as the next girl, but the more intentional I am with an item I am looking for, the less I end up spending in the long run!

So take a day, or maybe a few, and spend some time reevaluating all the beauty your home has to offer. Nothing feels better than a fresh start!


A Cabin in the Woods

When this client came to us with the vision for his home, we could not wait to see it come together! The setting, located in the West Chester area, is a true retreat, nestled away from the main road in the middle of a wooded lot. The deep blue-gray hardy plank chosen for the exterior gives a restful feel and complements the rustic stone accents. A front porch made of mahogany-style boards lines the length of the home, and offers the perfect spot for a morning cup of coffee. The homeowner chose to continue the authentic cabin feel throughout the interior, with multiple stone walls, random-width hickory hardwood, and stained wood trim. A barn beam mantle is set as the focal point of a stone fireplace in the living room. We invite you to take a tour of this cozy cabin in the woods!

Summer 2016 Update!

This summer has been filled with exciting things for the Brentwood Builders team! Not long after the Parade of Homes, the Brentwood offices relocated from Oregon Pike to our new location at 24 North Mulberry Street in downtown Lancaster. The historic building, formerly home to Kegel's Produce, is shared by multiple businesses, including Revolution Builders (a remodel company) and Hingework (a creative co-working space). We have completed a renovation of our specific office space, and are currently adding the finishing touches of decor needed to make our space feel like home. Plans have also been made to paint the exterior of the building.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project, and a peek into the space by liking us on Facebook and following us on Instagram!

2016 Parade of Homes Fulton Award Winner

We are thrilled to announce that Rockford Homes, a subsidiary of Brentwood Builders, is the recipient of the 2016 Parade of Homes Fulton Award for best townhome!

Located at 1291 Fieldstone Drive, Mount Joy, this townhome, labeled Number 37 in the 2016 Parade of Homes, is part of a group built by Brentwood/Rockford in the Villas at Elm Tree community. The home is 2,400 square feet, with three bedrooms and three baths, and priced at $339,950.

Special interior features include a kitchen with quartz countertops, tile backsplash and upgraded appliances, an open floor plan with a rustic modern style, first floor master suite with custom master bath, and a stacked stone fireplace in the living room with an open loft area above.

The parade runs June 11-19th. Weekday hours are 5-8PM, and weekends are Noon-6PM. Please stop by and take a walk through our home! We would love to see you there!

Abigail Rose Photography

Abigail Rose Photography

Abigail Rose Photography

Abigail Rose Photography

Abigail Rose Photography

Abigail Rose Photography

Abigail Rose Photography

Abigail Rose Photography

Abigail Rose Photography

Abigail Rose Photography

Abigail Rose Photography

Abigail Rose Photography




4 Kitchen Trends from a Brentwood Custom Home


1. Painted Cabinets: Whether it's the fresh and clean look that white gives, or the boldness of a fun accent color, painted cabinets are the way to go in current kitchen renovations.

2. Subway Tile Backsplash: This trend has been on the rise for a couple of years and continues to stay popular in new homes and remodels. Although subway tile is typically equated with bright white, this kitchen is a perfect example of creative ways to incorporate the look in different colors and textures. We love this matte gray finish!

3. Grandeur: Although the top shelf may be impractical for storage, the look of ceiling high cabinets will give your kitchen a grand and open feel. Out with space for dust to collect, and in with cabinets and trim to the ceiling! The same goes for every area of your kitchen (and home). Tall ceilings, tall windows, tall doorways, all give a spacious feel that is airy yet inviting.

4. Industrial Lighting: Edison bulbs everywhere is never a bad idea. Industrial lighting has taken off in every room of the house, and your kitchen is no different! There are so many fun pendants you can find that showcase the warm glow of Edison bulbs, and the atmosphere they set.

The Inspired Home | Staying With the Trends

With every season comes a new set of trends, and whether in your wardrobe or your home, keeping up with them is always fun. The difficulty comes with the fact that keeping up with trends costs money, and unless you've got a redecorate-your-home budget factored into your quarterly income, this probably falls under the "Unnecessary Extras" category. I'm here to tell you, it's not impossible. Today we're sharing a few ways you can keep a trendy home without breaking your bank in the process.

1. Neutralize. A neutral base is the perfect canvas, and since color is the trend most consistently changing, adding pops here and there is a perfect way to keep your home cutting edge. If you start with a neutral color scheme throughout your home, you do not have to paint your walls, change your carpet, or buy new furniture in order to adjust the style later on!

This picture shows an easy way to incorporate blush pink, the color on trend for this spring. With white walls and a gray couch, all it took were some throw pillows to soften the decor.

Image by  Norsu

Image by Norsu


2. Take baby steps. If you're under the impression that updating your home means updating everything, then you are bound for failure. (And by failure I mean spending way more than you planned). Sometimes updating means simplifying first, and then adding a couple touches to your newly cleaned canvas. Recently I decided that the styling on some shelving in our living room was not inspiring me anymore. I took everything down, made a Goodwill pile, and rearranged some things. Two weeks later our shelves are still empty with the exception of a plant or two, but I'm slowly adding things as I find them. This method helps me stay updated and feel inspired by my home, instead of leaving the same arrangements up forever. Besides, you're in luck because minimalistic is definitely in right now!

Image by  Solebich

Image by Solebich

3. Accessorize. Nothing is more fun than adding little details to your home, the things that go unnoticed but bring cohesiveness to a room. Things like throw pillows, vases, plants, small rugs, and prints on the wall go a long way in your decorating style, and don't have to be expensive. In fact, I suggest you spend less on these things since chances are you will want to change them next season. Just remember nothing you do in your decor has to be permanent. If you take away the "set-in-stone" mentality the pressure will lift and creating a home that inspires you will feel that much more enjoyable.

5 Steps Toward a "Spring Clean" Home

With warmer weather setting in, chances are you've probably started removing any traces of winter from your home, and making room for Spring decor. In the midst of all this rearranging that I can only assume (based on my own experiences) is going on, you may uncover dust and dirt you'd rather not face. Whoever created the "Spring cleaning" concept was truly onto something, and it really does feel good. When it's done.

In order to prepare your home for Spring, and tackle the cleaning without feeling totally overwhelmed, we want to share a couple tips to help your prep feel more enjoyable, productive, and hopefully even a little bit inspiring!

1. Goodwill Pile, Required: First things first, you will never be able to deep clean until you move all the junk in your way, and nothing feels more cleansing then just getting rid of things! Make three piles, Store, Goodwill, Trash. Your Store pile will be the things you want to box up for next year (winter themed tea towels, accessories, pillows, etc.). Goodwill is anything that is still in decent condition but you know you either a) don't need or b) won't like next year. Saving these items "in case" is really just collecting more junk you'll end up throwing out someday anyway. Which brings me to the junk pile, pretty self explanatory.

2. Treat Yourself (to new cleaning supplies): Now that you've trashed all the excess stuff, you should be looking at a lot of empty, dusty space. Spring cleaning really is the perfect time to tackle mantles, decorative shelves, side tables, etc. since chances are you have de-decorated them to the bare minimum. In order to make cleaning more fun, head to Target for a couple new sprays and scrubs in scents you like. It really is the little things that make life (cleaning) sweeter.

3. Candles Make Everything Better: While you're cleaning, burn candles, diffuse oils, anything to bring a fresh scent to your space. On pretty days, open the windows! A fresh smelling, aired out home is the epitome of SPRING!

4. Go Green: Thinking through Spring decor? It's as simple as a trip to the greenhouse. Live plants are timeless (as long as you water them), and live green goes with everything.

5. Treat Yourself (for real): Grab a coffee on your Target cleaning supplies run, take a quick lunch break at Tropical Smoothie, bake cookies to snack on while you work, do something that keeps you happy and motivated as you tackle your home. And always keep in mind the results. When you have the goal in mind, you're sure to complete it!

Now GO, start your home cleanse, and take time to feel good about any little bit of progress you make!

Daily Homemaking: Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Products

Our goal is for this blog to be more than just a place to share updates on Brentwood Builders, but also a source of helpful tips and welcome inspiration! Each month we will feature a product, home decor retailer, paint color, etc. as a part of our Daily Homemaking column. These posts may include giveaways, so stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Today I want to share a brand of cleaning products that I cannot recommend enough. Not only does Mrs. Meyers Clean Day offer wonderful scents and branding that immediately draws you in, these products are "plant-derived" and use essential oils as part of their base. And they work.


Here's a list of Our Favorites from the Mrs. Meyers collection:

1. Tub and Tile: An organic product that actually does remove soap scum from the base of your bathtub in less than six washes. Seriously refreshing.

2. Multi-Surface Cleaner: My main go-to when it comes to any countertop or table surfaces in my home. A little bit of water and some of this spray goes a long way, and my kitchen smells amazing after I clean!

3. Hand Soap: Something about the branding of these products makes you feel perfectly OK to leave them sitting on your counters.

4. Dish Soap: The highlight of this dish soap, for me, is that it doesn't dry out my hands like some of the more chemically based brands do.

5. Candle: Because who doesn't like a a sweetly scented, soy candle in a cute jar?


In honor of this FIRST POST in the Daily Homemaking series, we are giving away a gift basket filled with the following:

-Tub and Tile (Lemon Verbana)

-Hand Soap (Bluebell)

-Multi-Surface Cleaner (Basil)

-Dish Soap (Honeysuckle)

-Candle (Lavender)

A $30.00 value of all our favorites!

In order to enter, follow the instructions below. The giveaway will run through Sunday, February 7, and the winner will be announced on Monday, February 8 through our Facebook and Instagram accounts. For an additional entry, share this blog from our Facebook to yours. GOOD LUCK, and don't forget to run to Target for your own countertop spray!


Houses That Feel Like Home

As we were working on the re-brand, we came up with all kinds of phrases to be the tag line for Brentwood Builders. At one point I proclaimed, "Let's build something together!" so sure that I had found the one, only to be reminded that this was Home Depot's slogan. So much for my brilliant idea.

A phrase that I often use to describe things that I love is "things that feel like home." The feeling that I'm referring to is that warm and cozy, safe and familiar nostalgia that is evoked by "being home." Whether you're traveling back to your childhood home, or relaxing in the living room after a long day's work, chances are high that you feel comfortable and secure.

And so the tag line was born.

This is the feeling that we long for you to have as you walk into your Brentwood home for the very first time. We are a family business, therefore we believe strongly in family. We are builders of homes, therefore we believe strongly that our customers should feel completely at home.

We are passionate about the craft, but also about the feeling. And we would like nothing more than to build your house to feel like home.

-Kate Hostetter, Communications & Marketing


We are so glad you're here! This blog will a place for you to gather information on the latest home trends, gain inspiration as you build a home of your own, and understand more of what we do here at Brentwood Builders. We invite you to follow along with our projects not only here, but also on Facebook and through following @brentwoodbuilders on Instagram!


Stay tuned for more, and thank you for your support!


-The Brentwood Team