Houses That Feel Like Home

As we were working on the re-brand, we came up with all kinds of phrases to be the tag line for Brentwood Builders. At one point I proclaimed, "Let's build something together!" so sure that I had found the one, only to be reminded that this was Home Depot's slogan. So much for my brilliant idea.

A phrase that I often use to describe things that I love is "things that feel like home." The feeling that I'm referring to is that warm and cozy, safe and familiar nostalgia that is evoked by "being home." Whether you're traveling back to your childhood home, or relaxing in the living room after a long day's work, chances are high that you feel comfortable and secure.

And so the tag line was born.

This is the feeling that we long for you to have as you walk into your Brentwood home for the very first time. We are a family business, therefore we believe strongly in family. We are builders of homes, therefore we believe strongly that our customers should feel completely at home.

We are passionate about the craft, but also about the feeling. And we would like nothing more than to build your house to feel like home.

-Kate Hostetter, Communications & Marketing