5 Steps Toward a "Spring Clean" Home

With warmer weather setting in, chances are you've probably started removing any traces of winter from your home, and making room for Spring decor. In the midst of all this rearranging that I can only assume (based on my own experiences) is going on, you may uncover dust and dirt you'd rather not face. Whoever created the "Spring cleaning" concept was truly onto something, and it really does feel good. When it's done.

In order to prepare your home for Spring, and tackle the cleaning without feeling totally overwhelmed, we want to share a couple tips to help your prep feel more enjoyable, productive, and hopefully even a little bit inspiring!

1. Goodwill Pile, Required: First things first, you will never be able to deep clean until you move all the junk in your way, and nothing feels more cleansing then just getting rid of things! Make three piles, Store, Goodwill, Trash. Your Store pile will be the things you want to box up for next year (winter themed tea towels, accessories, pillows, etc.). Goodwill is anything that is still in decent condition but you know you either a) don't need or b) won't like next year. Saving these items "in case" is really just collecting more junk you'll end up throwing out someday anyway. Which brings me to the junk pile, pretty self explanatory.

2. Treat Yourself (to new cleaning supplies): Now that you've trashed all the excess stuff, you should be looking at a lot of empty, dusty space. Spring cleaning really is the perfect time to tackle mantles, decorative shelves, side tables, etc. since chances are you have de-decorated them to the bare minimum. In order to make cleaning more fun, head to Target for a couple new sprays and scrubs in scents you like. It really is the little things that make life (cleaning) sweeter.

3. Candles Make Everything Better: While you're cleaning, burn candles, diffuse oils, anything to bring a fresh scent to your space. On pretty days, open the windows! A fresh smelling, aired out home is the epitome of SPRING!

4. Go Green: Thinking through Spring decor? It's as simple as a trip to the greenhouse. Live plants are timeless (as long as you water them), and live green goes with everything.

5. Treat Yourself (for real): Grab a coffee on your Target cleaning supplies run, take a quick lunch break at Tropical Smoothie, bake cookies to snack on while you work, do something that keeps you happy and motivated as you tackle your home. And always keep in mind the results. When you have the goal in mind, you're sure to complete it!

Now GO, start your home cleanse, and take time to feel good about any little bit of progress you make!