454 East Orange Street | Before & After

I genuinely thought I couldn't love a project more than James Street, until we started Orange Street. I have a feeling this is becoming a pattern. To be honest, when we first walked through this home, I did not have a ton of vision...due to the strong smell of cat pee I was actually having trouble focusing on Brent's tour (being a *little* dramatic here, but seriously it was bad).

The design challenges included:

-Square footage: Coming in at just over 1,000 square feet the house was already small, and the layout did not help.

-Layout: Separate rooms and a super narrow staircase that was completely enclosed and was actually in the kitchen.

-Low ceilings: It felt pretty claustrophobic from the moment you walked in. Not the wow factor you aim for when entering a home.

-Lack of natural light: A combination of all the above things and not many windows made this home feel dark and dingy.

-Second Floor Layout: This house had one bathroom, and in order to access it you had to go upstairs and walk through both bedrooms.

The list could go on, but my point is that this project felt pretty huge in my (35 week pregnant) mind. However, Brent was convinced it was going to be good, and after a few disagreements we went for it. When I walked in on the last day of demo to find that we had essentially gutted the whole thing I was less than thrilled...like how deep have we gotten ourselves in here? But I will be the first to admit that this home was so 100% worth every amount of energy poured into it. The design aspect came together perfectly and flows so well I still can't believe it. We got to work with some of the best contractors in Lancaster, and gained so many great connections for future homes. Best of all, a wonderful realtor found us the perfect owner for this house before it even hit the market! Worth it is an understatement. We are thankful for this home, and way it ended up as a stepping stone to doing even more of what we love!


Before & Afters are my favorite part of every design blog/show/social media profile. I love to see the old turned new, and appreciate the creative thought process behind designing these spaces. A few things we did to remedy the design challenges I mentioned above include:

-Exposing the first floor ceilings and painting the beams white. This raised the height of the space, and created a wow factor/more open and light feeling as soon as you walk in the door. 

-Knocking down walls, because what good fixer upper doesn't include some of that?

-Flipping the staircase (as I mentioned you originally entered from the kitchen) and opening it up with a delicate metal railing and built-in office space underneath. 

-Adding a back door in the kitchen that allowed more natural light into the space.

-Raising the master bedroom ceiling to the roofline. I LOVE THAT ROOM.

-Adding a second full bath so that each bedroom has a bathroom. 

Other details I love:

-Lots of texture. I've never been huge on shiplap but I felt like it worked so well on the living room wall and up the staircase! The ceilings, of course, added texture to the space, along with the exposed duct work, grasscloth wallpaper in the kitchen and handcrafted clay subway tile in both the kitchen and bath. Exposing the brick wall in the master bedroom was yet another opportunity for something different than drywall!

-Painted cabinets. The sage color is my new favorite, and everywhere I look I'm now drawn to it. When we first walked through this home the one redeeming quality I saw was the backyard. Honestly besides filling in a fish pond and power washing, not much had to be done- it was just that perfect. So I set my sights on "bringing the outside in," and that is how green entered the picture. I love the restful feel it brings to this home. 

-Concrete countertops. The white kitchen counters are actually concrete, for those who have asked! A friend of ours started a business working with a more high end product and the results are amazing.

-The trough sink. Again, concrete, but in a different form. I saw this sink at Terrain, and it was actually a garden sink- but immediately told Brent we NEEDED ONE. Thank you Tyler Martin for making it happen! 

-The light fixtures. Honestly my favorite part of the design process, and usually my biggest splurge.

-And we cannot forget to talk about the exterior! I chose an off-white tone to give the brick a softer feel, and compliment the soft green shutters (same color as the kitchen cabinets). The black windows and door were the perfect accent for the muted tones. Also, Brent built the curved shutters of my dreams. 


I could go on and on, boring you with every little detail of this home (in fact if you were at the open house I may have already done that). We poured our hearts into it and are so excited to see the new owner settle in here! Below are links to a few of the details I have mentioned about the home. We would highly recommend all the contractors we used, as well as the products and brands! If you have any other questions about details please don't hesitate to message us on Instagram or Facebook. We'd love to help you! 

And stay tuned for future projects, *coming soon!*


Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore (Purchased through Grauer's Paint & Decorating):

Cabinets & Shutters: CSP-760 Oil Cloth

Walls & Ceilings: Oc-152 Super White

Exterior Brick: Oc-17 White Dove

Trim & Window Frames: Hc-178 Charcoal Slate

Wallpaper: Wallquest

Thank you to:

Tyler Martin- Concrete Countertops & Design

TrueNorth Metalworks

Grauer's Paint & Decorating

Renovations by Dienner Co.