The Inspired Home | Staying With the Trends

With every season comes a new set of trends, and whether in your wardrobe or your home, keeping up with them is always fun. The difficulty comes with the fact that keeping up with trends costs money, and unless you've got a redecorate-your-home budget factored into your quarterly income, this probably falls under the "Unnecessary Extras" category. I'm here to tell you, it's not impossible. Today we're sharing a few ways you can keep a trendy home without breaking your bank in the process.

1. Neutralize. A neutral base is the perfect canvas, and since color is the trend most consistently changing, adding pops here and there is a perfect way to keep your home cutting edge. If you start with a neutral color scheme throughout your home, you do not have to paint your walls, change your carpet, or buy new furniture in order to adjust the style later on!

This picture shows an easy way to incorporate blush pink, the color on trend for this spring. With white walls and a gray couch, all it took were some throw pillows to soften the decor.

Image by  Norsu

Image by Norsu


2. Take baby steps. If you're under the impression that updating your home means updating everything, then you are bound for failure. (And by failure I mean spending way more than you planned). Sometimes updating means simplifying first, and then adding a couple touches to your newly cleaned canvas. Recently I decided that the styling on some shelving in our living room was not inspiring me anymore. I took everything down, made a Goodwill pile, and rearranged some things. Two weeks later our shelves are still empty with the exception of a plant or two, but I'm slowly adding things as I find them. This method helps me stay updated and feel inspired by my home, instead of leaving the same arrangements up forever. Besides, you're in luck because minimalistic is definitely in right now!

Image by  Solebich

Image by Solebich

3. Accessorize. Nothing is more fun than adding little details to your home, the things that go unnoticed but bring cohesiveness to a room. Things like throw pillows, vases, plants, small rugs, and prints on the wall go a long way in your decorating style, and don't have to be expensive. In fact, I suggest you spend less on these things since chances are you will want to change them next season. Just remember nothing you do in your decor has to be permanent. If you take away the "set-in-stone" mentality the pressure will lift and creating a home that inspires you will feel that much more enjoyable.